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    fetish / alternative photography
Nicole by Álex Pérez Nicole by Álex Pérez

Álex Pérez Biography

Álex Pérez, aka Deadlywood, is a Spanish fetish / alternative photographer based in the Netherlands who, since 2009, has put all his effort and skills in showing his very personal, elegant and unique vision of the feminine beauty.

Passionate of true photography, that one which stays true to the original image and which runs away from unnecessary photo manipulation, and mainly focused on portrait.

Álex looks for the beauty of the darkest, the shocking, the forbidden… of very carefully picked women whose magic lies beyond their amazing attitude and attractive. Women whose image never fails to escape from absolute indifference.

His photographic journey has taken Álex to shoot all around to different countries, from Germany to the Czech Republic, from England to Belgium, from France to Sweden, from Greece to the USA, among others… and to take part as a regular guest in the most renowned fetish events worldwide like Wasteland (NL), the German Fetish Ball (Germany), Fetish Fantasy Fair (Las Vegas), Demonia Nuit (Paris). It was precisely at Fetish Evolution (Germany), where Alex was awarded as the Best International Fetish Photographer of 2015.